My name is Dovile and I am the founder of MUKU, Lithuanian brand of hand made children clothing. I was informed by our partners in South Korea that MUKU is being plagiarized and I was shocked to find that it was true.
The following web shops are offering products based on ideas stolen from MUKU and/or contain pictures that are intellectual property of MUKU while publicly exposing photos of children without the permission from their parents. It is a CRIMINAL offence against MUKU intellectual property and the rights of children. Moreover, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE by any moral standards around the world.
Our creative ideas are inspired by our own children and the high quality handmade models we produce are the result of long hours of devoted work. Our enthusiasm lies in fulfilling our artistic ambitions rather than chasing commercial success and it is our choice not to be a mainstream brand. It is sad and it hurts our feelings to see someone profiting from cheating us and our clients.
I ask the owners of these websites to STOP the production and sales of children clothes that are pretending to be MUKU and remove all stolen pictures immediately.
Truly disappointed,

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  1. It´s a disgrace!! I´m so sorry for this, but the original is ALWAYS the best!

  2. I am really sorry to hear this, it's dreadful.

  3. Dear Muku friends, thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate your support.

  4. Žmonės savigarbos neturi... Liūdna

  5. I'm so sorry about this - it's so upsetting! I read that Kamankong also plagiarized some accessories from Les Zigouis, but it seems like they have not stopped.